Mafia Wife #Looks

It’s a short post today! I’m suuuuper sick, and I’m too tired and fevery to really sit up for too long. However, there is a silver lining- I’ve done NOTHING but watch movies over the past 24 hours. I just finished Boogie Nights (wow.) and that’s not even on my “Movies to watch in 2016” list. Somehow, actually watching movies on my list never happens.

Anyway, I’ve fallen into some sort of bizzaro-world film-fashion hole, and I can’t get out! There is too much inspiration in the world to wear my pajamas all day, sick as hell or not.

There is something in me that just LOVES the over-done late 70s-80s power bitch look. So sparkly. Such big hair. Now I have to watch Casino. I’m also overdue for a Twin Peaks rewatch, so you guys may see that soon, too. I also have a few beauty posts in mind. Very excited about the future, and the community here 🙂

What are you guys watching/wearing this weekend? Do you have any tips for me to kill this flu?