Blossoming this april

Sometimes, you wake up knowing you’re part of something bigger and way more amazing than you ever imagined. I spent this weekend visiting different metaphysical (read: magic!) shops around my area with my hubby. It was so inspiring. I want to love myself, and others more. I want to overhaul my home. I want to really give life my all….while looking fucking awesome and kicking ass. Here’s how I’m doing it in April.

I love the feeling when my makeup is A+. I feel strong, and that power courses through me, and makes me feel so much more confident. It’s not about what’s on your face, but how it makes you feel! This has been my go-to face all week:

Strobing/highlighting is super hot right now, but a matte face is classic and unexpected. I personally like to start my day by putting my face on while blasting music. It’s the perfect way to set your intentions for the day and have a personal “I love me” party.

I’ve also been using 8Tracks like CRAZY. If you want some new playlists that aren’t your normal Spotify fare, maybe look through my likes here!  (Warning: Lots of songs from movie soundtracks!)

Gala Darling

Speaking of “I love me”, has anyone else read this? Radical Self-love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living your Dreams by Gala Darling. I’ve been reading Gala Darling’s blog for years, but when she released her book, it took me a while to get it. It bugged me then, but now I feel like I received it at the perfect time.

The book details how Gala changed her life from a depressive with anxiety to the vibrant badass she is today. It covers everything from spirituality to fashion (“Size 0 is a marketing tactic!”), and it’s so uplifting. I would recommend reading this when you feel down, but it’s a great poolside read, too! It’s a light read with heavy concepts; it stays with you long after you’ve completed it.

Most importantly: Get Gala’s book here!

PS: Also, a bit of exciting personal news: I’m going to be meeting with an advisor soon about getting into film school! Wish me luck 🙂

What are you guys doing this April? What are you loving? Leave me a comment!

(Photo: DeathToTheStockPhoto, Gala cover design Shauna Haider)