Get the look: Marla Singer

Okay. Let’s start with the obvious: Fight Club is amazing, and a personal favorite. It was released in 1999, directed by David Fincher, and based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk. If you haven’t seen it, and it magically hasn’t been spoiled for you yet, go watch it right now. This website will still be here when you get back. We can wait for you.

That being said, SPOILERS AHEAD!

Those of you who have seen it, can we take a moment to talk about Helena Bonham Carter’s character, Marla Singer? Her boyfriend is crazy, she thinks she may have cancer, she smokes too much, takes too many pills, and goes to support meetings for fun (It is cheaper than a movie, and there’s free coffee…). But YOU CANNOT DENY she has a #look that is STILL great. It was made 17 years ago, and it totally endures.


Now you at least understand why you need to look this crazy. Because it’s awesome.

“Marla’s philosophy of life is that she might die at any moment.

The tragedy, she said, was that she didn’t.”

Anyway, here are a few Marla-esque pieces for you:

gradient_heart_fav_icon I’ve been watching Pixiwoo for quite some time, and I’m a huge fan. Youtube-r Samantha Chapman goes through all of the products you would need to achieve that ‘disassociating-but-i-still-look-good’ Marla style. I would totally recommend checking out their other videos, too; they are mega talented ladies. If you follow the link over to youtube, she has a list of all of the products she used, and you can like the video.

The tutorial is #24 in the list!

gradient_heart_fav_icon  I’ve been looking for a perfect replica of Marla’s Coat for a while now; this is mega close though (and on sale!!).

gradient_heart_fav_icon I swear by Essence’s lipstick in 03 Come Naturally. I’ve bought a TON of pale pinks, and this one by far the most muted and suited for this look. Essence carries different neutral lipsticks, too; it could be mixed and matched and blended to the perfect shade for you. These lipsticks stay put and I’ve never had trouble with bleeding or smudging. I highly recommend!

gradient_heart_fav_icon This look requires hella contouring for me. You might need some Cream Color Base from Mac too. In the tutorial I linked, Samantha used the color Root for both her cheekbones and eyes.

gradient_heart_fav_icon Marla’s shoes are black, clunky, open-toed, and strangely on-trend. Wear them to your favourite support meetings, or while standing in the street. You can get them here.

gradient_heart_fav_icon You shouldn’t smoke, but if you must, the attention will be on your hands. Here’s the perfect polish to tie it all together. The name of the color is 861 Sulfurous by Guerlain, which just SOUNDS like Marla would buy it.

gradient_heart_fav_icon If you don’t feel like being fancy and dressing up, you should at least watch it. For the love of god, it has this, uh… outfit? ensemble? Whatever. This movie is great.


What do you guys think? Should we talk about Fight Club?