In a fashion rut? Let these 4 films inspire you.

4 films to make you dream of fabrics, textiles, makeup, and shoes. You’re welcome.

 A Most Violent Year (2014)

When to watch: You have a big meeting coming up, and you need to be taken seriously.


A Most Violent Year is a crime-drama set in 1981 New York City – one of the most dangerous years in the state’s history. It follows the story of a immigrant family, and their struggle to continue to protect their business, despite the decay of the city surrounding them. It stars Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain.

After viewing, I instantly felt the need to run to the salon for a swingy bob and acrylic nails. Jessica Chastain’s look as Anna Morales is pure Armani power-bitch. The style you see in the film has an interesting place in history: late 70’s fashion was modernizing for the upcoming era; women were working, and working hard. The cool tones and sharp lines indicate that she has her shit together. Don’t we all want to have our shit together?


Jawbreaker (1999)

When to watch: Those days when you don’t feel like doing anything but looking cute and eating candy. (Bonus points if you are staying home from a social event.)


Jawbreaker is one of my favorites- I watched it all throughout High School, and I still love it. Short Synopsis: It’s the story of three of the most popular girls in high school accidentally killing the prom queen with a jaw-breaker. The movie starred Rose McGowan, Julie Benz, Rebecca Gayheart and Judy Greer.

To put it bluntly – It’s your 90’s Heathers, and it brought just as much to the fashion game. It’s adorably pastel, self-aware, and totally kitschy; thick-framed plastic sunglasses, bright pink lipstick, too-short cardigans, and necklaces that spell things like “FOXY”. This the film for weird girls who are tired of digging through piles of black clothes, but aren’t quite done being dark as hell.


Down With Love (2003)

When to watch: This is some serious date-night cheese fare. Watch with girlfriends before dressing for a date for maximum effect.


Down with Love is a straight-up crazy film, and I can’t explain it better than IMDB:

“Aaaah… it’s New York City in 1962, and love is blooming between a journalist and a feminist advice author, who’s falling head over heels despite her beau’s playboy lifestyle”

Ewan McGregor and Renée Zellweger are the leads, but really, the movie is all about the clothes. Costume designer Daniel Orlandi created new pieces from vintage fabrics for the film. It adds a vibrancy to the film, and a freshness. The film is a tongue-in-cheek rom-com, and every entrance is a new outfit. In case you haven’t guessed, this movie is just over the top in every way you can imagine.


On the set of Down with Love

“We designed everything in the movie, right down to Ewan McGregor’s shirts and Renee’s gloves,” says Orlandi. “This movie celebrates the clothes. In the scene where Renee first walks into her new apartment, her suit matches the upholstery on the chair. Then you notice that you can see the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building and the Statue of Liberty from her window. You’ve entered the land of the impossible.”

Look at this 1962 madness.


Stoker (2013)

When to watch: When you’re going through some weird girl things but you need to keep it together in front of everyone.


Stoker is a different sort of movie from the others on this list. It’s quieter. It’s creepier. Maybe it’s for you, maybe it’s not. We should all see it, though, because it’s beautiful.

In the film, India Stoker’s (Mia Wasikowska) world comes crashing down when her father dies in a car accident. Adding to the girl’s emotional turmoil is the sudden arrival of Charlie (Matthew Goode), an uncle whom she never knew existed. Charlie moves in with India and her unstable mother (Nicole Kidman), and soon India begins to suspect that this charming and mysterious man has ulterior motives.

I won’t get into the plot points here (because spoilers) but look at these screencaps and tell me it’s not the lushest, richest thing you’ve seen all day.

(For further reading, check out an interview with the costume designers here.)


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